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Prom 2011

Alright, so this was my junior prom, and it was pretty fun. So first off I think it's super lame that Chaminade doesn't trust their students enough, and makes us stay there till 2:30 am, but otherwise, it was fun. It was at the Ebell in Los Angeles, which is this crazy old place, that looks TOTALLY like the haunted mansion ride in Disneyland, except with a DJ (who was pretty bad by the way). I was totally expecting to have the walls start growing- even though they never did. But it was the first school dance where they've actually played a slow song- which was awesome because that was my favorite part of the whole dance- getting to just chill. The food for dinner there was good too- some kind of chicken, lasagna, mashed potatoes, and caesar salad. Plusss my favorite part was getting dressed up like a princess with this awesome up-do- you don't get an excuse to do that every day.

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