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Mammoth Trip!

So as you might know, Shane and I made a last-minute trip up to Mammoth, CA this weekend to relax and study a little bit for finals. When we got here it was super sunny but ever since then it's been snowing (weird bi-polar weather much?). So today while my parents took in some snow on the mountain, Shane and I opted for a low-key shopping spree. :) We checked out the Coach outlet (super awesome by the way) and I got the cutest little passport wallet!!! It's gonna look sooo cute in Hungary :) But even better, we walked to a store right next to the Coach outlet before we actual bought the wallet and made each other little I <3 keychains. There's nothing better than rhinestones and a new addition to my keys- although I must admit it would look better with a Camaro key. :P

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