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Day 1 Recap: So Fly

Alright... Day 1 is over. So we began with packing every last item and loading the car, then meeting Shane at his house and taking the limo to the airport, where we hung out for a couple hours and had lunch at the Daily Grill before going through security. Bought 6 magazines to keep us busy (and they did) and boarded a 747 to Frankfurt, Germany. We actually ended up only watching one movie: Angels & Demons (which was absolutely amazing and if you like National Treasure, this is the grown up version) and talking and reading the entire 11 hour time. We tried to sleep, but failed every time, and by the time we got to Frankfurt, (which is extremely organized and uptight and has weird duvet toilets) I was so tired.

The airport in Frankfurt was AWEFUL!!!! It was at least 80 degrees, with probably 90% humidity inside the airport. The ladies room was like 95 degrees. C'mon Germany, put air conditioner in your budget. I did enjoy trying to pronounce their words, though. And it made my day when someone said a sentence and then finished with a great big "Yaaaa?" :) As soon as we got in the plane, Shane and I were OUT. We slept from take-off to landing, except when Shane pointed out the woman sitting across from me- she apparently doesn't like cup holders; so she stuck her drink between her boobs. Awkward. And then the people in front of us were having a conversation about Polinka (a traditional Hungarian alcohol made from fermented honey or plums).

Then we finally arrived to Budapest airport, where I made the joke that we flew from LAX to BUD. It was probably 90 degrees outside, and raining. So again, as soon as Shane and I got in the car, we were so tired, and slept the entire way. We woke up about a mile outside of Gyoma (the town in which Shane's grandma has a house) and checked out the house, had some chicken hungarian soup, (which is different because they cook it all together, then separate it. So you put chicken broth in a bowl, then add noodles if you want them, and stewed vegetables if you want them, then chicken), and walked around a little bit. Since then we've been chillin' upstairs and video chatting our families! Off to a good start!

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