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Day 2 Recap: Jet Lag

Well this morning Shane and I couldn't sleep- so at four in the morning Hungary time, we were UP. We just kinda tried to go back to sleep, then when we realized that we couldn't we got up and watched the sunrise to the sound of roosters! Gyoma is a pretty sleepy rural town where everyone knows each other. Turns out all of the men in Gyoma work at a printing press making books and such, and the women run the shops around town. Everyone rides around on bicycles; I think the biggest difference between Americans and Hungarians (besides the alcohol) is their smiles. They tend not to smile as much as Americans do. Or maybe it's just me because I'm always smiling or laughing. I'm finally catching on though!

Shane's grandma Ida is here, and her sister is staying here also- her name is Lenke, and she doesn't speak very much English. Lenke's husband is Otto, and he's this adorable, tall, grey-haired old man with little eyebrows and he's so cute!!! Their daughter is Monika, and she and her daughter Tamara speak English really well so we can talk to them pretty easily. Well as soon as 6 am rolled by, Shane and I decided to take showers because we had nothing better to do. Well the water was freezing but I survived, and then Shane and I had some langush for breakfast (it's basically fried dough that you can cover with cheese or jelly or just eat plain).

Then we decided to take a walk around the town, since Shane's Grandma lives on the main street in Gyoma. I took some pictures and they're on Facebook! Then we got back and decided we were both tired. Around 9:00 we fell asleep- and we didn't wake up until 5:00 PM. Just when we woke up, Shane's grandma made us some Chicapapricash(however you spell that) (which is like chicken and dumplings and SUPER good) and Monika and Tamara took Shane and I to this adorable little Hungarian pizza restaurant, which was basically in the middle of the forest that is their park.

They served us Coca-Cola in the little glass bottles! Then we took the long way back to the house, and along the way we ran into these little frogs that they have all over the town that make bird noises. I saw one of them hop- OMG it was adorable! Then we passed this bar Shane remembered from the last time he was here called the Dreche (dray-hay). And now we're back here, uploading pictures and trying to video chat with our families (which isn't easy and my sister's computer echoes a lot so I can't think straight).

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