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Day 3: Horses

Well as usual, this morning started off with me not sleeping- and apparently Shane didn't either. Both of our beds are extremely hard. Yesterday I was sitting on my bed and Shane sat down on the other side. Then he said "Hey look! The bed doesn't move!........probably because it has no springs." Hahaahah. But we just kinda chilled till 8 o'clock or so, when we decided to make pancakes. Well we went downstairs and mixed up the batter, got Shane's grandma to tell us where everything was, and started making bacon. The bacon turned out pretty well, but the first pancake didn't.... Shane went to flip it, and the pancake just turned and fell into itself creating an omelet of dough. So that one didn't work and we threw it away. So then I took the liberty of pouring the next pancake batter into the pan- and a lot of it at that.

That pancake worked out, and we thought it was just a little brown on one side but edible; until we turned it over to see that the other side was completely black. So that one was gone too. Then Shane's grandma decided that she could totally do it better. So Shane sat down at the table with me. Five seconds later we hear an "Ahhh!" and look over to see her pancake flipped and splatted all over the stove. So the battle continued. Out of the 10 pancakes we made, 4 survived. And just as we perfected the pancake, we were full. Well after that Shane and I got ready, and came downstairs a little later to meet the two people Shane's grandma had invited to spend time with us. One was Mågnes (16) and the other was Zoli (17) - both authentic Hungarian teenagers who came with us and talked with us and showed us around on our carriage ride. Yeah that's right....carriage ride.

Shane's grandma talked some man with horses into taking us around the town of Gyoma in a horse-drawn carriage. Apparently absolutely nobody does that, so everyone stared at us the whole time- they were so confused! It was fun though! We saw a lot of beautiful scenery and the rivers and lakes around Gyoma by carriage. Although I didn't enjoy the fact that whenever we rode under a tree there would be spiders. GROSS!!!! (I hate spiders). They actually have a lot of them here- the little spiders walk around the sidewalk. But as soon as we finished our carriage ride we sat and talked for a while in the house, then our new friends left. We had an early lunch at about 12:30 of something like a chicken finger except bigger and this soup made out of homemade noodles, carrots, and peas. Both were really good.

Then after lunch Shane and I were so tired that we decided to take a small nap because I couldn't keep my eyes open. So we took a nap, and now we're just getting ready for dinner and trying to video chat with everyone- I'll let you know how dinner goes!

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