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Day 6: Dad, Cat

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! It's kind-of a bittersweet day here in Hungary; although we're having fun and seeing a lot of people, it's Father's Day- and I don't get to be with my Dad to celebrate it :(. For those of you who don't know him, I have the best dad ever- in fact I was just thinking about that yesterday. Growing up, I learned that my dad wasn't like most dads. Most dads would be working all day and watching sports all night- but my dad was always helping to bathe us and cook for us, and wash the dishes, fold the laundry, take out the trash- anything that needs to be done- he'll do it. Even though he did have to work all day- he's got two jobs: full-time lawyer and full-time dad. He's even selfless to the point where if it's cold or raining and we go somewhere, he'll drop us off at the entrance, and then find a parking spot and walk the whole way. Every little thing he does just proves what an awesome dad he truly is- and Father's Day shouldn't be the only day we thank him. Just wanted to let you all know, and especially him- happy father's day dad, I love you! Now for HunGarry (haha)- I woke up this morning, after sleeping all night, in Budapest, and got ready to leave by packing and eating breakfast in the VIP lounge again (4 pieces of toast :)) and some 7-up and water and such- in Europe, there is no tap water. All of the water comes in glass bottles- tré chic. I prefer the non-bubbly kind, but Shane's in heaven over here. He LOVES club soda, and it's everywhere here! Well then we were off. Zsolt drove us back to Gyoma, which is about 2 hours, and immediately after we got home we unpacked and jumped on the internet! I uploaded all 140 pictures from Budapest, updated the blog, and that took about an hour or two because I put captions on all of the pictures so everyone would know what we were talking about.

Then, Shane and I went downstairs and ate dinner- the same as two days ago- breaded chicken and french fries. It was good, and then we went to visit Ildi and her family, who live just a mile away. Then, we drove past Ida's family members' houses, and said hi to some of them, before ending up at Ida's sister, Lenke's house. As soon as we got there, Monika was going to pick up her daughter, Tamara, from her dad's house- so Shane and I tagged along, and when we got back we discovered that Lenke has two six week old kittens at her house! We couldn't resist playing with them- there was a grey fluffed-up one, and a black smooth one. They were adorable!! Then we went over to Monika's house to see her one week old kittens- you should have heard them meow! They made this super high-pitched squeeky meow and it was ADORABLE! I'm still on the hunt for cool souvenirs from Hungary- and I probably will be until the time we leave. I have to resist the temptation to bring back stupid souvenirs. My favorite thing is to put together little goodie bags from wherever I go with those free pamphlets from hotels so people can see what there is to do and maybe a lotion from the hotel and then their real souvenir. But I'm beginning to realize how stupid that is and that I shouldn't do it- I MUST RESIST!!

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