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Day 7: Kolbas

This morning I actually slept in!! Then when I woke up I went downstairs with Shane and we ate some Hungarian pastries! (And hungarian donuts :)). As soon as we were ready, Shane's grandma's brother-in-law, Otto, took Shane, Tamara and I to a McDonald's about 30 minutes from Gyoma to get some American food! It was crazy! They had wayyy less things on the menu than we do, and even their fries taste different! We then walked around a mall near the McDonald's (which Hungarians pronounce 'mac' while English people say 'mic').

We noticed that every shirt that girls would buy had english words on it- and they weren't from english speaking designers because everything was very grammatical. It was like ' I am too cute!" So Shane and I felt pretty cool for being the people that Hungarian people idolize hahah :) . Then we came back to the house and just relaxed and watched Black Swan- which was trippy but pretty interesting. Immediately afterwards, we headed to Monika and Tamara's house to have a Hungarian barbecue- which I have done with Shane before but never in Hungary! What is basically is is bacon fat, which you roast over a fire- when it drips grease you hold it over a piece of bread and cover the bread in it. Then you do the same with the kolbas (sausage) and then you eat it. We spend half the time playing with their dogs and cats and sheep next door (the sheep tried to eat its owners shoe while we were talking to him). It was fun!!

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