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Day 8: Getting Down With the Sickness

Well this morning we left Gyoma at about 11 o'clock to drive to the Hotel Azur. Near Lake Bolotone ( or however you spell it) in Hungary. Basically the lake is a huge vacation spot for natives, and they swim in it like the ocean and have spa hotels next to it and etc. Well on the way over, Shane wasn't feeling too well... but about two hours into the car ride he started getting really sick with a fever. He was freezing and in pain and aching. So I did my best to make him comfortable with jackets and fleece pajamas and a pillow so his head wouldn't shake. I held his head around every tight turn (which there are 5000000000 of in Hungary) (everyone drives insane and it makes us all car sick) so he wouldn't have his neck hurt from the strain.

Finally when we got to the hotel I made him a hot bubble bath. That is, after we discovered how to work this hotel. It's a nice hotel, but very communist. You wear a blue bracelet that looks like a watch to get into your room and into the places around the hotel. And in every room, you have to have a Vin card to turn on the lights. What's the point of that???? Ridiculous.... so once Shane got out of the bath I got his fleece pj's for him and got him all snuggled in bed, where he slept the rest of the day and just barely woke up for dinner.

He felt really good when he woke up but when we went down to dinner (which the hotel provides along with breakfast in a buffet) he couldn't find anything he was comfortable eating so he had a little salad and three tiny coffee cakes and half of a banana. But right after that he got shivers again and felt awful so I took him up to the room and gave him motrin and a lukewarm bath this time before he got back into bed and slept the rest of the night. I've been getting advice from his mom and my mom about what to do so I think I have some good advice :) i hope he feels better tomorrow!

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