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Day 9: Going Swimmingly

Well this morning Shane woke up for breakfast and felt a lot better so he called his grandma and told her not to come get us. We woke up at about 8:30, and went downstairs for breakfast before we walked around the hotel to see where everything was.... and we ran into a flock of swans on the lake! Then Shane went and took a shower while I got ready, we put on our bathing suits and went to the water. We just hung out and tanned for a little bit before we decided to go in the water just to prove we did. It actually isn't up to your knees until you walk about 500 feet from the shore so I wasn't too scared. That is, until I walked over to something floating on top of the water and exclaimed "Shane look! A swan feather!" As I walked closer to it he laughed and said "Nope. Dead fish." I screamed and ran back to him and then I saw this snake looking fish swimming around the water and made Shane carry me back to the shore hahah :)

I then decided that lake swimming is not for me. And neither are old european guys in extremely short speedoes. Ew. So Shane and I decided to check out the indoor and outdoor pools of the resort. Turns out they were both really cool and in the indoor pool they created a strong current that will take you through a tunnel while you just float. Its so cool!! So we just hung out in the pool for a while until Shane felt like sleeping again and took him back to the room to shower and sleep, which he did until I brought him up some of the amazing frozen yogurt at the hotel that comes in these cute little pottery bowls. He then slept more and I fell asleep too.

Then we went back into the pool and actually had a really relaxing time riding the current. Hahha :) Later, we went to dinner at the buffet style hotel dinner lobby place; and then walked around the city of Siofolk where the hotel is! Its super cute and had some awesome shops with handcrafted things so it was nice! And now we're just relaxing before calling it a night :)

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