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Day 12: More of the Same

Slept the whole night- which was surprising because I slept most of yesterday too, but woke up around 9 with another bad nose bleed. We think it's the crazy humidity, which was made even worse by the rains for the past couple of days, which upset my nose. How annoying! Anyway as soon as I fixed that I was starving, so Shane's grandma and her two sisters, Lenke and Irene, made Shane and I some french toast (Hungarian style) which was amazing, and bacon again (always good). We then came back upstairs and just slept until about 3, when I convinced Shane that it might be fun to go out to dinner and get some fresh air! Yay! So he took a shower and I got all dolled up while the torrential downpour happened outside (5 minutes later it was sunny). But luckily Shane was feeling up to it, so we went out to dinner with Monika, her boyfriend Zoli, and her daughter Tami, and Tami's friend :).

We went out to the pizza place we had been to before, and this time Shane and I both got Margharita pizzas, which tasted less strange and justtt like the pizza at home- a pretty good cure for our homesickness (which we were both having after him being sick and me having bloody noses). It was really nice and we just relaxed and walked to and from there and had a nice time! It was such a relief to finally get away from laying in bed all day! (Which I did too because I have nothing to do without him). Then we went downstairs to Monika's shop and watched her do makeup for Tami and her friend, who are going to a disko (club) tonight to dance like they do every Saturday. Fun! If Shane was feeling better I'd say we should go too! But we'll probably go to one later, so we'll see :) Otherwise, a really fun fun fun day! I'm just so glad Shane was feeling well enough to go out and get some fresh air!

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