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Day 13: Surprise, Surprise!

Well today started out like the past 4 days... with Shane feeling a little bit better, and us just hanging out. We went downstairs and had some Polachinta (?) filled with plum jam, which was good but not fresh because we didn't eat it yesterday. I also tried some Hortabuy Polachinta (which is like a crepe filled with cheese and meat- it's like a hungarian tamale). I also had some store-bought Strawberry Serbet (IT WAS AMAZING). Then we kinda slept, both showered, and slept more (I don't know why but I was super tired). As soon as we woke up, Ildi and Monika and everyone was downstairs so we went downstairs, and I walked right past a guy in a tux shirt so I thought maybe they were all planning some kind of dancing thing for Shane and I- but little did I know Shane's dad had surprised us all by flying in to Hungary to spend the last 10 days with us!!!

Shane was so happy- and the two of them are so cute, all reunited and it feels soo gooood! So we went around to Shane's great uncles and great aunts and surprised them all too, before heading out to dinner at the Three Rivers Pub, a pub that I thought was gorgeous before. I had this pork that was wrapped in bacon, on top of nukedly (a kind of pasta noodle), with bacon bits in it. It was amazing! Then we walked to an ice cream place and had coffee and ice cream- I had megg, which is the hungarian word for sour cherry (or gypsy cherry as they call it). They love cherries here because there are so many of them- they have cherry juice, cherry ice cream, cherry tarts, cherry jam, cherry sauce, etc. A now we're just settling down for the night- and I'm super tired! So we'll see you all for our adventures tomorrow!

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