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Day 14: Animals Galore!

Well this morning we woke up to eggs and bacon made by Shane's dad- I've never been more glad to have eggs (or any food for that matter) without kolbas in it! We had breakfast, then walked around the town with Shane's dad and saw everything there is to see! Then we came back, visited Lenke and Otto's house, and Monika, Tamara, and Zoli's! (Played with baby kittehs at both :)). After, we came back to the house, and got ready to go fishing with Otto- which was really pretty even though they only caught 3 tiny fish too small for fish sticks... :). But like my mom always says if you went fishing expecting to catch something, you'd be disappointed every time- it's about the scenery.

It was a really pretty river- the Kuttush (?) which runs through Gyoma and separates Gyoma from Endrod. Driving back, we discoveered a hedgehog and made it a point to immediately get out of teh car and pet it! We then came back, went out to dinner at pizza, where we ordered a large, thinking that it owuld be a little larger than a medium. Turns out large is twice the size of a medium. WOAH that was a lot of pizza! Just walked back, said our goodbyes, and we're all super tired- we've been up and running all day! Oh, and by the way, we discovered that a weasel or ferret (OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I LOVEEEEE THEM) has made it's home in the roof of the garage building. I want to get a picture of that too. And on the way back from dropping of Monika and Tamara, we saw a hedgehog again and Tamara was so brave- she just went right up to it and scooped it up in her hands! They are so calm after you pick them up!

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