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Day 16: I Do It For YOU!

I have to say, blog posts are annoying. I forget them all the time. So don't forget I do them for you all to read, so let me know if there's something you want to hear about! But regardless- today we got to sleep in until almost 11! Woooo! Then Shane and his dad were expecting a bunch of guys to come over to play basketball with them, but apparently it didn't happen, so they played 1 on 1. Shane won both games.

Then, by the time I was ready, they had decided to go out to the Pub we went to last night for a late lunch- I had an odd soup and I wasn't sure what was in it so I didn't eat too much. I also had a hot chocolate just because I felt like it, and it was amazing! It was so rich and creamy and had amazing whipped cream on top- I wanted to take a picture but we were inside and it would have been super awkward.... so I didn't. Maybe next time.

Anyway, then we came back, and Shane's dad decided he wanted to go fishing again for 4 hours, but Shane and I got eaten two days ago, and didn't really feel like it, so we stayed home and just hung out. Then, we decided we wanted to take a walk just the two of us- and I have to say that felt awesome. This whole trip we've just been running around and being shown around by people- we haven't had much time to just enjoy the country from a couple's point-of-view. We've been more of kids being dragged around wherever (though we don't mind that either). But it was so nice to just be able to walk for a little bit.

Turns out Monika was all alone, too, so we stopped by to pay her a visit and go get ice cream with us. Turns out every shop was closed by the time we went out- which is funny because it was only 9- which is when I like to get moving. But we found one restraunt that was super pretty inside- it had LED lights that looked like stars on the ceiling, and they had this kind of ice cream Shane has decided to buy and put in his room. Basically it's a freezer that holds canisters of frozen ice cream. You buy the ice cream, and then the person working there puts the canister into a machine that pushed it out of the plastic tube and into a cone! The ice cream comes out super fresh, soft, and awesome! We had that, then walked back, hung out, and now we're all ready to go to bed and have more adventures tomorrow!

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