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Day 17: Wining & Dining

Well this morning Shane and his dad finally got to play their basketball game! Around 11 o'clock, Zoli (the guy who came with us on the carriage ride) came over with his friends and apparently were beat in two games. At the same time, I went with Tami to a clothing store just down the street and bought some cute new summer shirts that are white, because I love it when girls wear white- I think it looks gorgeous! So I tried on and bought 2 shirts that I LOVE!

Shane finally said his back, legs, and head hurt so he didn't want to play anymore (all of that went away, don't worry)- so we went with Tami to get ice cream and talk and hang out, before Monika's boyfriend Zoli (I know, there's a lot of them) got off work. He took us to Magyar (Hungary in Hungarian) hill, which is where the Hungarians came to, and decided to settle and form Hungary. It had a museum that was a lot of old, pre-historic pots and jewelry and whatnot, and it was really cool!

Then, we came back and got ready for dinner, since Monika had set up a blind date for Shane's dad, and invited us to go along. We got all dressed up just to prove that we did use every piece of clothing in our suitcases and went to a nice restaurant where I got penne pasta baked in a mushroom creme and covered in baked mozzarella, and Shane got a mushroom pizza that was really good! We ordered a bottle of champagne and ate and drank and talked and it was fun! We also went across the street to see the 'Healing Springs' which is super hot (like 110 degrees) water, which is from a hot spring under the ground that it supposed to be amazing for your body. Who knows!? Then we walked back, and here we are!

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