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Day 20: The Norm

This morning, all of us woke up nice and early so we could go to the Hungarian church at 9:30! We arrived, and I thought it would be a lot like our churches back in the U.S. (which I'm very familiar with) but this was a Reformation Church- so they didn't do any of the things I'm used to- like the prayers and candles and crosses- they belief in very simple worship- so needless to say, I didn't even have anything interesting to look at while I was listening to a Hungarian mass. But it was neat anyway, and then we came back to the house, relaxed, and went out to lunch at the Three Rivers Pub where I ordered the best hot chocolate, langosh, and garlic cream soup EVER, and Shane got his favorite- Steak Tartar.

It was so fun because I can now order and talk a little bit in Hungarian, so when I did, Shane's grandma and her three sisters who were there all absolutely loved it and wanted to hear me talk more. They say I'm a natural! :):):):) Anyway, we decided to go back to Budapest a day early so we can spend some time there- since it was our favorite place we've been to- and Shane has a lot of family there that we can hang out with! So we packed our bags so we don't have to do it all last minute- we're leaving Gyoma tomorrow and not coming back for a while- which is sad, but somewhat exciting. Plus, it's made better by the prospect of going to Budapest because we absolutely LOVE it there. We then just hung out at the house and had dinner there- french salad (as they call it in Hungary). It is basically chopped carrots, peas, pickles, and potatoes covered in mayonnaise and mixed with hot dogs seasoned with dill. It was good, and now we're just hanging out and packing to go to Budapest! See you there!

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