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Day 24: There's No Place Like Home

Well, today is day 24. One day after the end of our Hungarian adventure! Shane and I are on a mission to stay awake all day today and tomorrow and not to nap because the jet lag only gets worse if you give in to it. He woke up extremely early this morning because he couldn't sleep anymore- I however, woke up around 7 and decided that I had to go back to sleep or I would get sick- if I miss even one day of sleep, I start to feel extremely gross and get stuffy noses and headaches and it's not good. So, I slept in until 11, then lazed around all day.

It feels so good to finally be on summer break! I dropped one of my classes at Moorpark College, so now I don't really have anything pressuring me (except the week long class I'm taking later in July, skating practice, Vacation Bible School, the State Games of America coming up in August in San Diego, getting my wisdom teeth out, and aerial intensive in august). But hey, at least for the next week or so, I am completely freeeee!! I miss parts of Hungary- I'm sure I'll miss it more later- but for now I'm just so glad to be home with my dog and crazy family, and skating and the little things Shane and I do to keep ourselves sane in this boring place :) which, right now, is the most interesting place in the world to me. Even in the grocery stores in Hungary, there was no selection. It isn't like in America where our stores accommodate different cultures and sell everything they need to make themselves comfortable- in Hungary they sell only Hungarian foods- so I feel like it would be easier for Hungarians to come to the U.S.

I have to say I'm still ridiculously tired even though I slept for 13 hours- which I just cannot understand. I can't wait to get pictures from the trip printed and to add them to my adorable scrapbook (I make a page for every month Shane and I have been together highlighting the cool stuff we do together so we can remember everything later). I can't wait to get back to skating, to sleep more in my cloud bed ( :)))))))) ), to use my own shower and bathroom (!!!!!!!), and to enjoy the food everyone thinks is so boring and unhealthy- but how American it is. I have to say, above all, this trip has renewed my sense of patriotism- I loved Hungary and adore Europe, but as beautiful as they are, nowhere in the world is quite like the U.S. with its cultural diversity and democracy.

And as much as I love to travel, for now I'm quite content with my boring house- because to me, it's the most wonderful and welcoming place in all of the world, and I feel so lucky to be able to call it home, and to have had the experiences I have had this summer, while being able to share them with you. I hope you enjoyed everything we have done, and felt like you were there too. And who knows, maybe next time we travel, I'll do the same thing! But for now, just check back every so often- just to see what's up :).

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