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Southern Specific Drinks

So far in Tuscaloosa, I've had some amazing new drinks that are Bama favorites. Here, I want to share a few recipes and stories with y'all! Click on the names to get the recipes!

  • Yellow Hammer. This one is a T-town (title town, a.k.a. Tuscaloosa) favorite, and totally unique. These are served at the famous Gallette's bar in downtown Tuscaloosa, and they go through 4000-5000 cups every home game. Some people suggest using dark and light rum (1/2 as much dark as light), but the actual recipe remains a T-town secret.

  • Bushwacker. This drink isn't specific to Alabama, but a Southern favorite- and man, these things would be easy to down on a hot game day. They also have an awesome history- they were first concocted in 1975 at the Sandshaker in Pensacola Beach, Florida. To me, it tastes just like a chocolate milkshake- the harsh alcohol is completely tasteless. There's even a bushwacker festival in Florida every year!

  • Mint Julep. No Southern drink is more famous than the mint julep, a staple at the Kentucky Derby and Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

  • Chatham Artillery Punch. This is a classic that some say dates back to the colonial period. Not from a specific bar, but a smooth drink nonetheless with a history to match.

  • Sir Isaac Newton. This one is a fall favorite dating back to the Civil War- amazing how these recipes were so legendary that even after prohibition they just had to be revived!

  • Or, if youre into craft beer like my family is, here are a few Alabama-only micro-breweries worth trying if you come to visit.

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