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Southern Slang

One of the most awesome things about the South is their use of different slang. I've personally been investigating this thoroughly, and this video absolutely cracked me up. Here's my reporting so far:

- Y'all is common. Like, every sentence. It's not just a stereotype.

- So is fixin', as in "getting ready to" or "trying to".

- Bless your heart.

- Dixie is a common slang term for the South. Because Alabama is in the middle, it is often called the "heart" of Dixie.

Southerners use slang that we have in the west coast, like "ratchet", "finna" and occasionally the horrible "hella". I can't seem to escape that anywhere.My friends from Georgia and Alabama have been giving me daily lessons on dialect- but that's the kind of stuff I just can't even try to explain- but I have a fabulous time mispronouncing the words they say.

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