• Monica Montanari

The Grand, Grand, Grand Ole Opry

One of my major to-dos in the South was to go to Nashville and visit the Grand Ole Opry- the show that made country music famous. Now today, the Grand Ole Opry is housed in the Grand Ole Opry House- but when it was started in 1925, it was housed within the Ryman Auditorium- which we'll talk about another day. The show was amazing for so many reasons- for one, it showcases the best classic and contemporary country artists side-by-side. But also, it is the longest running radio broadcast in history, and you can still sit by your radio (or iPhone) and listen to every show from their free app! I know I'll be doing this from now on when I cant make it to the show! The show itself always hosts 8 amazing artists- and you never know what theyre going to play or say or do! It is narrated exactly in the fashion of a 50s radio show- and it was absolutely charming with its real 'on air' sign and small venue feel. Absolutely charming.

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