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Rainin' Cats & Dogs

Let's be perfectly clear: I am no stranger to rain. In Southern California, I've seen it rain so hard that it seems like someone is pouring buckets of water down your windshield- but in Alabama they do things a bit differently. Not only is the rain torrential, but the wind blows it about 7 directions per minute, and lightning and thunder are commonplace. In California, I see lightning like once every 5 years- here, just about every time it rains, the sky is alive with electricity. I think weather is fascinating- especially since Los Angeles pretty much only has two seasons, and hasn't had rain for a long time. However, my 14-week-old puppy, Teddy, is not so much a fan. But if you give her a toy, she pretty much forgets. Needless to say, we'll be having a nice day in today. Read all about my exciting weather adventures to come this week!

Also on Alabama weather: If you've never experienced humidity, I simply cannot explain it. I've asked my other friends from the South to try to put words to the experience, and it's just not possible. Basically, the air feels thick and heavy- nothing evaporates, nothing dries, it's just the "sticky" factor. Alabama summers are famous for their humidity- and when it is 100 degrees outside at 100% humidity, you might just want to bring a change of clothes for every 5 minutes you plan on being outside.

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