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The #1 Product I Simply Cannot Live Without

Let me start off by saying that this is not a paid post. Everything I'm about to say is my unsolicited information/opinion. BUT, I just felt it was my civic duty to make all of you (regardless of age, gender, location, etc.) aware of the greatest product that you might ever own.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pinch Provisions has had these for a while- so if you weren't already aware, you are so welcome. This little kit is about the size of a tennis ball (so you can fit it anywhere), and includes (depending on which kit you choose) up to 18 little items that will save your butt. Seriously, I wouldn't go through a major life event without one of these on hand. I'm serious. If you get married and each of your bridesmaids doesn't have one of these, you're doing it wrong.

Sephora now stocks a TON of different kinds of these: from bridesmaid packs, festival fixes, summer kits, hangover cures, and brunch to a girls night out kit- all varying in price and contents.

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