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The Uniform of Alabama

Alright, this is just my West Coast ignorance- but I thought that in the South, girls would always be wearing jeans (or Daisy Dukes if it was hot outside), cowboy boots, and tank tops. (See below). Boy, I could not have been more wrong. I have never seen anything like the University of Alabama when it comes to how people dress. There is literally a perfect uniform that every girl follows- according to my friends, it's only an Alabama thing- not totally a Southern thing, but here's the recipe, follow along:

  1. Baggy t-shirt. Supposedly as it gets colder, the t-shirts get bigger. Grab your favorite baggy sleep t-shirt and throw it on.

  2. Gym shorts. Cotton, jersey, doesn't matter. Usually you can see just the edge of the shorts peeking out from those beautiful oversized shirts.

  3. Shoes. Birkenstocks are a favorite here. If you dont choose those, try some gym shoes.

  4. Ponytail or bun. Just throw a ponytail holder on it, girl.

Now on Saturday, it's game day. For this, every girl wears a dress that is slightly above the knee, cowboy boots with an Alabama pom-pom in the right boot, hair all done (they really, really play up that volume here ladies), make-up perfect, basically party-ready. Disclaimer: according to my guy friends, they wear their typical uniform to parties as well. The only time they dress differently is for game day. Thank God for football! No offense intended to the Southern Belles of Bama- that's just not what I'm used to in California!

If someone looking at this website happens to be one of these three people I'm so sorry- it's the only photo I could find.

Now on to the clothing I can love:

  1. Camo. As stereotypical as it is, everyone does own some camo- and it can get super cute. One of my new favorite camo boutiques is Bucked Up Apparel- if only because of their name.

  2. Graphic Tees. There are so many cute Southern sayings to print- so why not! Check out some Dixie Love tees. Or if you want to get guy's stuff too, see this link for a bit of Southern Charm- and one of my favorites (but with more sass and a smaller collection) is Cute n' Country.

  3. Boots. Let's not forget my favorite Southern/Country trend ever. Boots. I have my Corral boots and I'll look for any excuse to wear 'em. So when football season rolls around, expect mine to have a red and white pom pom in the right boot. My personal favorite is BootBarn, because they have a ton of brands and you can try 'em on before buying- every boot is a different fit.

Call me stereotypical, but I dont see anything wrong with looking like Carrie Underwood on a daily basis- give me any excuse, and I'll be there!

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