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4 Summer Disneybounds That Won't Destroy Your Day

Disneybounds are so cute. I think we can all agree on that. Channeling the spirit of your favorite childhood characters is so much fun- but I think it's time to get real.

Sure, dresses are cute for Dapper Day, but do I really want to be dripping sweat all over a gorgeous new frock? And who the heck is going to wear heels to anywhere with the word 'Disney' associated with it? You need shoes that you can walk miles in (seriously, it's been found that the average day at Disney World includes walking 10-12 miles).

When you're trying to plan what you're going to wear to... oh... say, Disneyland or Disney World, about 5 months out of the year you're going to die from heat exhaustion if you wear any of those outfits to a park. Side note: can we talk about how all those cute flatlays on Pinterest never include the links to the right clothes?!

I made 'em and did the research for you this time- and included all the links you'll need to recreate every look. Here are my favorite looks for four of Disney's most recognizable icons, guaranteed to make your Disney day better (or, at least, not make it any more complicated).


Princess Aurora (1959 Sleeping Beauty)

Top: superdown

Shorts: Amazon

Shoes: Keds

Necklace: Amazon

Wendy Darling (1953 Peter Pan)

Dress: Privacy Please

Shoes: Margaux

Bow: Amazon

Earrings: ABResinAccessories

Necklace: LittleLilyandCo

Ariel (1989 The Little Mermaid)

Top: TheMonogramLifeCo

Shorts: Amazon

Barrette: RupsacisCasper

Necklace: Amazon

Earrings: Elizabeth Cole

Cinderella (1950 Cinderella)

Top: IgniteTheMagic

Shorts: Nike

Shoes: Nike

Choker: Amazon


Coming up soon will be 5 new Disneybounds for fall- and if you have any suggestions for who you'd like to see, comment below!

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