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Coronavirus: Silver Linings

To me, the only thing scarier than a worldwide virus is the effect it will have on the global economy and the mental health of the people affected by it (which is all of us). You literally can't look anywhere without seeing the word "coronavirus". If we made a drinking game out of every time someone says it, it would be insane (I highly suggest NOT doing that). The news is 24/7 about theories and consequences and, in my opinion, has been spreading a lot of hysteria and panic.

Sometimes the best thing we can do as a human race is sit back and reflect on the positive things that come out of every catastrophe. So rather than imparting more fear and dread into your life, here are a few of the unexpected things that we can take a moment to appreciate during this weird, weird time. More than just preventative, I think this whole self-quarantine and social isolation experience can be viewed as healing. I think of it as a worldwide 'reset'. One that we've desperately needed for a while.

  • Our priorities have been straightened out. It is clear now, more than ever, that (while I'm sure a number of companies have only halted operations out of societal pressure) our first priority, as humans, goes to our well-being and that of the people we love and value. All of the businesses halting have reminded us of how interconnected we are as a human race and how much we care for the people around us.

  • We're getting more quality time with those we love. Sure, my family has a maximum 3-day limit on quality time before it turns ugly, as I'm sure most families do, too. But spending time with one another is a necessary evil. Studies have shown that people who spend more time with their families are happier. In fact, family relationships had a greater correlation to happiness than money did. Maybe now is the time to sit down and work through some of the things that have been keeping you apart.

  • Pollution has taken a hard hit. Of course, we all wish it was under different circumstances, but as I'm sure you've all seen, some charts of pollution in Asia have been circulating and they're a calming thing to look at during this scary time.

  • The water is clearer. Another story I'm sure you've become aware of is the clear waters of Venice, Italy. Again, none of us want this to be under the circumstances it is, but having dolphins in the canals for the first time in 60 years is a beautiful thing. That story is now in question, but regardless of what magical water creatures decide to poke their noses out for some fresh air,

  • This is the perfect opportunity to do all of those things you've been putting aside. With little or no work to distract you, you've finally got time to pick up that new hobby you always wanted or finish that project you've been putting off for the last four years. Not feeling productive? That's okay, too! Maybe what you've been putting aside was relaxation- catching up on that IS productive and helps you recharge from the stress and be more prepared for whenever the world opens up again.

  • You're alive and well. Assuming you're reading this, you're alive, and (hopefully) well. I hope your family is all well and continue to stay healthy and avoid this virus. This too shall pass, and maybe we can even come out of it with a bit of gratitude for the little things and a greater appreciation for each other and for life.

Use this opportunity as the Spring Break you never asked for: relax, spend time with your loved ones, and find some fun in the mundane everyday. And, stay tuned for my post on the best quarantine activities for families- coming soon. Wishing you and all those you love peace and joy in this weird, weird time.

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