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Disney's Fantasyland: 10 Pieces to Bring it Home

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

With Disneyland being closed for the time being, there's no better time to incorporate a little magic into your home (or office)! Here are some of my favorite pieces to celebrate my favorite land: Fantasyland! By the way, I did my best to feature small businesses so you can show some support for these talented people!

1. A sign identifying your inspiration:

This handmade set comes with all four lands. But the seller, PiecesbyJeanne, makes custom orders as well. Fancy a custom dropdown sign with Fantasyland at the top and your favorite Fantasyland rides below? She can do it. Just send her a message.

2. A mini trashcan in the style of Fantasyland.

I can think of no more adorable way to dispose of things than this adorable desktop trashcan modeled after the ones in the park. I guess it is a small world, after all, right?

3. Little decorative signs from your favorite ride(s).

Pick your favorite ride (or two or three or four), and use these adorable pieces as ways to bring the fun into any room you choose. Personally, I think these are so cute that I'm dying.

4. A set of teacups that stay in place (unfortunately).

I am obsessed with this set of four mugs with attached "saucers". There is no cuter way to drink your coffee or tea.

5. This charming pen set.

While, yes, this set was created for weddings, it's also a beautiful addition to any home office or area for family notes. Reminiscent of your favorite castle, it's a beautiful reminder every day that your home is your castle.

6. A candle (or ten).

While there are candle options for reminiscing about every part of Fantasyland from Peter Pan's Flight to Sleeping Beauty's Castle, the thing I liked about the one pictured above is that on top of having an entire Fantasyland decoration, the scent is custom! You can choose for your Fantasyland to smell like Hawaiian Paradise or Maple Syrup (or a bunch of other options). Prefer wax melts? Try this one! I could go on and on about Disney scents, but here are some of my ride-inspired favorite companies: Mort & Co. Candles, Main Street Melts, and Dearly Loved. Between all those different options, you're sure to find something you will absolutely love!

7. A journal fit for a princess.

Take your pick- Sleeping Beauty or Snow White?

8. Freestanding mountainous art.

Art doesn't just have to hang on the walls, and a framed picture of our favorite mountain standing on top of a desk, perched inside of a bookshelf, or situated on top of a dresser is a great way to bring your decor off the walls and onto any surface! While the one pictured here has a super fun way of tying in the colors we associate most with Fantasyland, there are also watercolor versions, patent versions, and minimalist versions with fun color schemes or natural ones.

9. An adorable banner/bunting.

You knew this was going to be in here somewhere. I love banners. Especially pennant banners- and this one ties in all of the pretty pastels that come with Fantasyland. But there are so many amazing, talented sellers who make every kind of design: from pink gold and white Mickeys to pastel Mickey balloons and every princess in between.

10. A pastel pillow.

Nothing says "the comfort of home" like pillows. This sweet pastel one channels "It's a Small World", while remaining classy and minimalist.


You can choose to deck out the entire room in Disney, or make it subtle. Each of these pieces can be used as an accent piece if you're looking for a more subtle approach!

Want to see how you can incorporate Frontierland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Main Street, or other Disneyland areas into your home? Comment below which one you'd like to see, or send me an email at!

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