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Off-Ice Conditioning for Figure Skaters (Video Tutorials)

Here we are again.

No matter what your opinion is on the current state of the coronavirus pandemic, it's just become part of life, now. With it, so have quarantines and lockdowns and, unfortunately, a major loss of ice time.

Whether your rink has just been shut down for the fifth time or you're just preparing for when they do, I've put together a list of some of my favorite off-ice conditioning that will keep you in shape and ready to take to the ice again when the time finally does come.

I've done my best to include videos from a variety of coaches I admire, who have way more content that you can find on their respective channels. Seriously, if you go to the channels of each video I've posted below, you'll be able to keep yourself busy with new exercises every day until we get over this whole nightmare!

I've put everything in the order in which I would do it. Tailor your workout to your level of skating, level of fitness, and schedule. Whether it's short or long, keep things fun and interesting to avoid burnout.

Why It's Important

Pre-Stretch Warm-Ups

Full Body Stretches

Balance & Strength Workouts

Body Strength Training

Rotational Exercises

Spinner Training

Beginner/Intermediate Jumps

General Jump Exercises

A Full Beginner Session

A Full Regular Session

Depending on how much time you have each day, you can create a workout program that works for you, including all the below. Need help? Comment below or email me- that's what I'm here for!

Like this? Pin it for later, or share it for now- and let me know how your journey back to the ice goes!

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