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Quarantine To-Do List

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

It broke my heart hearing this story the other day.

I'm sure some of you are familiar with the video of the dad talking about how coronavirus claimed the life of his son just four days before his 13th birthday; though not in the way you'd think. If you haven't heard the father talk about it, click here to see the whole story.

Social distancing and quarantining (can't believe those are two common terms now) aren't good for human beings. We're meant to be around other people, sharing our joys and sorrows in this crazy human experience. People discredit children quite often with: "you can't have problems", "you can't be suffering", "you don't even have bills to pay yet". Yet the childhood and adolescent years are some of the most difficult- when you question how much you mean to those around you. I know that in my childhood years, I often felt alone- no matter how many people surrounded me.

These are feelings that a lot of us are all too familiar with. So I can't even imagine confronting those growing pains and confusing times without friends around me and time away from my house.

I remember once reading the quote:

"be the person that you needed as a child"

and ever since then, I've done my best as a coach and a family member to reach out to those going through childhood and adolescence, and offer them understanding and empathy.

Often in dark times like these, the littlest things have a way of meaning the most. So I set out to show all of my students how much they mean to me, and that- though we might be apart- they are never alone.

More than anything else, kids right now need things to do. So I put together quite a few "quarantine activity bags" to make the time pass quicker. Here are some of the things I included, along with the activities I suggested with them. You can use these or get inspired to include other things. Either way, I hope everyone will consider brightening someone's day during these dark times, whether it's with a gift, a letter, a phone call, or any other means.


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