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The Happiest Bachelorette on Earth

I started this like four months ago and I'm too lazy. So pretend like you're reading this from the perspective of like 4 months ago. Kthx.


It's been way too long.

And I'm not just talking about this miserable gap in time where nobody has been having cute events to plan or decorate.

With Disneyland being closed for over a year now (can you believe that?) we've all been in need of a little magic. This is especially true since "The Happiest Place on Earth" is one of my best friend Kelsey's favorite places and if it weren't for this virus, we probably would have had her bachelorette party there a while ago.

When Kelsey's sister/maid of honor Danielle mentioned not having a theme picked for Kelsey's Bachelorette but wanting to do something with Mickey ears, it immediately dawned on me that this could be the perfect opportunity for the party I've been wanting to do for years: Disneyland. And to have someone else be in charge of all of it and just let me decorate? Dreams really do come true.

I can't even begin to tell you how sick I am- of this virus getting us all down- so I made it my mission to help Kelsey's sister put together the sweetest Disneyland-themed bachelorette party that has ever existed outside of, well, Disneyland.


I know. If you've ever seen one of my event blogs, you already know my eternal love for banners. You saw this coming. This is always the first place I start. But this time, I had good reason! (I mean I always do, but just in case you had your doubts- lol!) What I decided to do with this theme was to pick out some of Kelsey's favorite lands within the Disneyland grounds, and make each of those lands a special place within the party. Danielle did some sleuthing to find out that some of Kelsey's favorites are Fantasyland (I mean, duh), Tomorrowland, Adventureland, and Main Street. So those became my four main focuses to channel the Disney experience.

My Silhouette Portrait machine has been a game-changer. Honestly, life-changer. It has made my décor game so much better in such a short amount of time, it's insane. I used my Silhouette and new Silhouette Studio design skills to cut out lettering for each of the four lands as well as "Kelseyland" for general use, and then used it to create pennants for each of the letters to go on. Observe the final products, below:

The Inspiration:

The Creative Coach Monica:


Of course, the most special part of each land are the classic rides within it- so I found vintage posters for some of the original rides in each land, and printed those to put near their respective lands.

The Inspiration:

The Creative Coach Monica:

Color Scheme

Why. Why is it that every single time I decorate for a party, I never just get a blank canvas. I can't just have a white room, can I? Kelsey's bachelorette party was slated to take place two days before the wedding, with all of the bridesmaids already at the resort where the wedding would take place. Since the venue is rustic (like, log cabin rustic), I knew I'd have to be careful with color schemes here to not make the party details clash with the natural wood details that adorn each of the rooms. While I've seen some adorable Disneyland parties that were done only in shades of pink and purple, I knew that given the variety of lands I was going to be bringing in, that just wouldn't work for a few reasons.

  1. Part of the charm of Disney is its colorful-ness. Without the deep reds that mirror each other on Main Street or the vibrant greens that decorate Adventureland, Disneyland just wouldn't have the same charm.

  2. A more monochromatic color scheme works great when you're using a party location with other muted colors or neutrals. It looks so chic. I'd love that. Unfortunately, with the tones of wood inside these cabins (honestly, I think about this way too much) I knew that pink would clash. So I decided to embrace the colors and go for something different.

So for my color scheme inspiration, I actually turned to one of the less-iconic signs right outside of the Disneyland park that most people forget about:

The inspiration:

Remember this sign? It's a great, bright, modern, fun sign with lots of colors- and to me, it represents the color scheme inside of the park better than the typical pastel Disneyland sign- which, although iconic, just was going to clash too hard with the deeply rustic look of the cabin.


I decided it was time to find out what this thing was really capable of- so I decided to cut some confetti for the tables in the Main Street and Fantasyland areas, where there would be food. They turned out absolutely adorable! Main Street was adorned with mickey pretzels, dole whips, mickey ice cream bars, mickey apples, and partners statues. Fantasyland was decorated with carousel horses, teacups, and outlines of the castle.

Name Tags

Ultimate hack! I am the worst with names- and having been to a bachelorette or two, I know that there are two things most people don't realize: nobody is going to know each others' names, and without planned activities, things will just be awkward. But here's where I solved one of those issues: nametags! They were perfectly on-theme, customized with each bridesmaid's name, and had the location of the wedding venue on them. I ordered them last minute off of Etsy and they came just in time and were adorable! Since there were only 5 of us, we got a pretty good handle on each others' names beforehand, so they weren't as necessary as I thought they would be. But still super cute and helpful!

Remind me next time to not be lazy and iron the tablecloths- the wrinkles just distract from the cuteness of everything else around them. But overall, it was absolutely adorable and definitely a party to be remembered. If you want any details, SVG files, or want to place an order to have me do some special décor for your next big occasion, you know where to find me!

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