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10 Etsy Finds for Every Hocus Pocus Home

Sure. The leaves could be changing, weather could be cooling down, and the air could smell like warm apple cider, but it just isn't fall until you sit down and re-watch Hocus Pocus. At least in my world.

The Disney cult classic came to life in 1993 and has been one of the ultimate Halloween movies ever since. So, of course, having at least some fall decor pay homage to the movie is necessary. That's why this year I decided to track down 10 ways to bring "a bunch of Hocus Pocus" into your home.

Click on each photo to see where it's sold!

*I do not get a percentage of any purchases made from this list. I dont know any of these sellers personally, and I made this list from things I just straight up love. All opinions are honest and unpaid for. Imagine that. If youre interested in seeing what's for sale on my Etsy shop (or contacting me to see what I can make for you) you can find me here. Happy shopping!

10. A Mug for Your Brew

Whether it's magic or a cup of coffee to bring you back from the dead (same thing, right?), whatever youre brewing will stay the perfect temperature. When you transition from coffee to spiced cider, this baby will be ready! With it's glow-in-the-dark exterior, the only thing that looks cooler than this tumbler is this tumbler in the dark (plus it gives major 90s vibes that I am loving).

9. A Very Honest Little Sign

Really though, I relate to this one. I keep this quote near me on everything as soon as fall comes around. It's true the rest of the year, too, though. If it's before noon, just dont.

8. A Garland With All The Faves

Icons abound on this adorable garland and cover all the bases for our favorites. Plus, it's such a good price!

7. This Punny Candle

The design on the outside of this candle isn't the only fun part. I love a candle where you get to choose which scent you want- and this gives you that option. No matter what scent you choose, this promises to smell way better than children.

6. A New Recipe Book

This perfectly aged book will look perfect on any table or kitchen island, propped up against a wall or a book holder! The artwork on the pages is an added bonus, too!

5. A Mix of Iconic Quotes

It's a 3-in-1! This adorable trio covers most of our favorite quotes from the movie and it's so affordable (and includes free shipping!). Such a simple, easy way to incorporate Hocus Pocus into any Halloween decor!

4. A Welcoming Sign

This miniature Bed & Breakfast sign is the cutest way to tie in the Sanderson Sisters (rope pun not intended) without taking up an entire wall. It's perfect for any countertop, shelf, or tabletop, and we need about three.

3. Lyrics to A Classic

Some people have "You Are My Sunshine" hanging on their walls, and some have little death lullabies. If you fall into the latter category, this adorable sign will fit into your decor perfectly. There are so many cute options on Etsy, but this one won my award for favorite for its simplicity and typography.

2. Spell Book Pillow

Never forget your recipes again with this adorable spell book that can cozy right up on the couch! Binge-watchers of Halloween classics, rejoice. Brassington Hollow is the queen of book-shaped pillows; but this one is perfect for anyone who wants a little touch of magic to cuddle up with on a brisk fall night.

1. The Black Flame Candle

Not only is Darkfeast Creations' replica of the black flame candle one of the closest we've seen to the one in the movie, but it also lights up to create an eerie fall glow in any room it sits in. Just dont let any virgins around it on Halloween night.


These photos all belong to their respective and ridiculously talented owners.

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